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The Muses Love Alternatives, CIV

Wed Apr 23, 2014, 8:39 AM

BLOODY MARY by TAOTYAM    Venezia 8 by Douce-Amertume

etude by hclay    Nesting Bird by SethFitts    Play Responsibly by dick-allowatt

The workshop by du-la    o.o.o. by katpi

   Ioana2 by derekjones

The Process of Anguish by theflickerees    ACheerfulCompanion600 by PinkParasol    the forest at night by marcusgravus

Frankly My Dear . . . 2 by DouglasHumphries    Come A Little Closer by catch---22

Quetzalcoatl by RobertDampier    Ausgedient by r-lilie

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An Old Friend by hummbuzz

The Muses Love Alternatives, CIII

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 10, 2014, 9:27 AM

Forest by Evex92   Scarecrow by yantotzkie

The Delicate Jester by yantotzkie   Listen to the Silence by wiebkerost

Val d'Orcia/Tuscany by JPawlak   The Hunters by yantotzkie

Slow And Steady by yantotzkie    Queen of the Trail by Markus43

Anaerobic Metamorphosis by Bibire   Polar Opposites by yantotzkie

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The Muses Love Alternatives, CII

Thu Mar 27, 2014, 9:53 AM

Night Cap by DianneHoffman    Where Were You by ahermin

Underground by Delhar    Western Union Man by RobertDampier

Spares by Poromaa    Dark Thoughts by BeatrizMartinVidal

Debate by terraverte    moonrise by marcusgravus

To The Memory Of Yasemin by inObrAS   Arc de Triomphe - Detail 05 - Staircase Conceptual by GiardQatar

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(Contains: nudity)

The Muses Love Alternatives, CI

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 12, 2014, 9:19 AM

Honey and Sorrow by teaganwhite    Good Morning by Lumi7    Product Placement by dick-allowatt

On Top Of The World by sugarbushfarm219    The Colorful Life Of Ottomans by Canankk    Time Machine by Pajunen

Star Dust by LauraTringaliHolmes    Hiss by dick-allowatt    Sailing, Moons and Fish by ebbing-gale

ConcentriCity by CatalinPrecup     Discordia by mees-hell     Precious by alisinwonder

   chakra by davespertine 

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The Moon And  the Sea by JamesSkeltonSmith   A Whole Lotta Blue by x-pyre12   Life is a Dance in The Rain by borda

Jack Rabbit Under The Midnight Sun by eddiebadapples   Cookie for my watchers by Filterkaffee   Good night, my love by Lumi7

Andy by shtirliz   It Was ... by EintoeRn   Birdwatcher by dimwolf

Pixy and Woodpecker by Markelli   The Poet by BeatrizMartinVidal   Under the same stars by Lumi7

The Owls Three by IsaiahStephens   Ode to the Evolutionary Theory by blackdahliah

Ornithologist by RevolverWinds   The Muses Awaken by Canankk   Where there's a will... by saperlipop

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Wild Women of the Wood by hummbuzz

A Time to Heal

Fri Feb 21, 2014, 8:35 AM
Video and Music created by:
Musicians and Artists for Issue Awareness

Vancouver songwriter and musician, Bob Rylett, The-New-Mafia
rarely makes his presence known here at dA, but when he does,
it is like a field full of flowers blooming after a spring rain. 

Bob has just completed a new video for his song "A Time to Heal",
along with its Spanish counterpart "Tiempo De Sanar"
link .

I would like to share it here for your enjoyment.

The entire project was envisioned and created using art from deviantart.
dA artists from around the world contributed their images for the making of this video.
In addition to his music, Bob put his heart and soul, (as well as countless hours) into the production of it.

The result is a thing of beauty.

Please stop by the galleries of these contributing artists to enjoy their art
and give them your support, as they gave theirs.


:iconaeirmid:   :iconblackdahliah:  :iconblazesnbreezes:   :iconbobrock99:     :iconcanankk:   :iconcorvidae65:

:icondasha444:   :iconelusivedreams07:   :iconevapolly:   :iconevelivesey:   :iconglo-he:   :iconinebriantia:

:iconlucilaleyla:   :iconlumi7:   :iconmarcusgravus:   :iconmarinelsheu:   :icondeviantmike423:   :iconmldzz:

:iconmysticcharm:   :iconoeasis:   :iconpachito90:   :iconpaintedmonke:   :iconpajunen:   :iconparalleldeviant:

:iconpqphotography:   :iconrichardleach:   :iconsamuel-hardidge:   :icontheanimalsright:   :icontrippy4u:   :icontryingtofly:

:iconverybadgirl:   :iconwestlylafleur:


(and yours truly)



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(Contains: nudity)

The Muses Love Alternatives, C

Wed Feb 19, 2014, 9:09 AM

Music:  Parting Glass - Emer Kenny

Can you dream? by Murderdoll17   Play it Again by IMAGENES-IMPERFECTAS

Downfall by orlibraorli   My Steam Punk Photographer by skinpistol   Der Mond ist aufgegangen by marcusgravus

Dam Beach Path by Mayfair710   Hear them crying... by Murderdoll17

cll04 by jarrod343

 Augur by Nahuask 

  i can fly in my deep of soul by cikolatali-waffle

Beyond Return by ParallelDeviant   Hatching by Nahuask

SECLUSION... by chryssalis   Wanderer by Uomo-nella-Pioggia

Monilophyta by RonnyEngelmann

Goodnight and Joy be with you all . . .

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The Stillness of Life by hummbuzz

The Muses Love Alternatives, XCIX

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 8, 2014, 7:35 PM

Open Heart by dick-allowatt
  Fried Evil by EintoeRn    Amazones by privatedanser   

Fire 1947 by Canankk    tx3a by Campo-Diaz

      .PG. by dasTOK    Atomic Rooster by Bibire     

 goodbye and hello by EvaShoots    23. Juli 2011 by Filterkaffee

moment orange by turningshadow

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The Muses Love Alternatives, XCVIII

Wed Jan 29, 2014, 10:49 AM

Sanctity of Past by RandomSearcher

Stairs by Kegriz    A winter in Naklo by sanderus     Blacksailed messenger by AiniTolonen

Mickiewicza street by petiteartiste666

Moscow Sparrow by inObrAS

at the crossing by turningshadow

old lions eye by brijome    Trinity Forest by unerde    Circled in by derkert

  Winter in Shiroka Luka by raysheaf    

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The Muses Love Alternatives, XCVII

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 21, 2014, 12:04 AM

This Muses journal was inspired by the music and lyrics of Bob Rylett. 

Right click and open music link to listen as you view:
On a Delicate Moon

blue heart by RichardLeach   a quorum by marcusgravus   Moleskine No.12142013 by yagey 

Pale horse on the way
Bitter pill, medicine

It's hard when you know how it ends
Before you begin

Wilderness by grayman8 

Lazy break in the day
Dirty hands on my face

While standing my ground
Or silent, exploding in space

Secret Keepers of the Land by LauraTringaliHolmes   The Last Straw by readyo   the Frenchman by Ralu77

Maybe it's subtle but baby I'm strong
Don't carry my struggle but drag it along
Maybe I'm riddled and maybe I'm wrong

Fractions by icanthelpit

Maybe the loneliest soul in the night
I hunt from my anger, then head for the light
Maybe I'm rattled and maybe I'm right

Bleary eyed, wearied heart
Hunger cries, ocean drains

Lost. by StephenMerrigan   The self healer by readyo   The Dress by BeatrizMartinVidal

You saltwater pearl
Your beauty, it's born out of pain

Maybe it's subtle but baby I'm strong
Don't carry my struggle but drag it along
Maybe I'm riddled and maybe I'm wrong

.CI. by dasTOK

Maybe the loneliest soul in the night
I hunt for my anger, then head for the light
Maybe I'm rattled and maybe I'm right

On a delicate moon
Over Chesapeake Bay

Day And Night ' by steve2727   Broken by ebbing-gale   experts by RichardLeach

While valiantly waxing
Or cowardly waning away

Maybe it's subtle but baby I'm strong
Don't carry my struggle but drag it along
Maybe I'm rattled and maybe I'm wrong

Detachment by Wetterlage

Maybe the loneliest soul in the night
I hunt for my anger, then head for the light
Maybe I'm riddled and maybe I'm right

Music and lyrics by Bob Rylett.
The New Mafia: Musicians and Artists for Issue Awareness.


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The Muses Love Alternatives, XCVI

Sat Jan 18, 2014, 11:08 AM

  The Long Way by MerryQuiteContrary   

protection by augenweide    Escutcheon in Shadows by RichardBublitz

   Migration over Marston's Marsh....a collaboration by marcusgravus   

Flowers collage by LAKost   watermusic by m-lucia

   Colours by SPatriot   

Watermusic by EintoeRn     tulips by LAKost

    Repos en terrasse - Watercolor Painting by nicolasjolly   

Don't Get Jittery On Me, detail spread 5 by LauraTringaliHolmes      under the weather by VisitingFahrrad

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Hands of the Artist...a hummarcus collaboration by hummbuzz

To read is to dream . . .   

LLL by Daizy-M      

beautiful silence by esstera   Books are where dreams are born... by thePicSees  

Paris: Shakespeare and Co. by Mgsblade       

Never enough by STelari   the picture book by liga-marta   We read to know that we are not alone by hogret   fairy tales for little ghosts by gillesgrimoin

Bookshelf by RichardLeach

Humble heart by artisalma   Book Landscape by ConnyLu   A Tortoise's book by altergromit

Owl Studies by Markelli    stories by theluckynine    .TK. by dasTOK
Outside of a dog by altergromit   

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Fall Portrait by hummbuzz

The Muses Love Alternatives, XCV

Thu Jan 2, 2014, 8:04 PM

Show me what you see within those eyes.
Boldly and unflinchingly, you look out onto the world,
Penetrating its hidden secrets and deepest truths.

  baby face by awjay

  Map of Anima by AnimaCreations

   THE OCEAN by notmystyle   Spit Personality by Isabellabeatrix94   How I See You by steve2727 

  ...: another me :.. by Moth-called-Marigold   Nose Job by EintoeRn  Time for Dreams by kayjensen

  de07 by darktoys2012

Coming Undone WIP by Captain-BlackHeart   KNa by existencia5   Phoenix 2.0 by AzzasArt

Breath by Philomena-Famulok

 Periyakka by itsmejegan    Lunary by musetta30    Playing My Soul by gf-biju 

Where Lambs Walk by ParallelDeviant    Old Man II by tholang    Tu Vois Loin 2 by veroklotz
     Marliyn by Canankk

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The Muses Love Alternatives, XCIV

Fri Dec 20, 2013, 9:40 AM

Rolf by AlexanderJansson

Yggdrasil. Road to Hyperion by vimark

The Voyagers by saperlipop   Prelude by Saradesbois

Lost by Pixx-73

10 NOVEMBRE 2013 by JFBAYLE   lunar libation by marcusgravus

Shiva's Night by LindelCaine

The Lovers Dreaming by catch---22

To the stars by lostknightkg

I wish you warmth on the coldest night.

I wish you friends to keep your heart alight.

I wish the spark of inspiration within you to ignite.

Happiest of Holidays to all of my friends here at dA.

A Friendly Sentiment by hummbuzz

The Muses Love Alternatives, XCIII

Sun Dec 8, 2013, 7:03 AM

Behind the Walls by frenchfox

Step right up.

Flicker VII by limegintonic    Creepy fun fair by nahojsennah    wait for me by incolorwetrust

Baskets by AureliusCat    the corner shop diversifies in uncertain times by steve2727    .dra. by dasTOK

 what you want is more colorful by steve2727    Murder Under The Big Top by Moon-Willow    Dream: Act VI, Scene iii by hogret

       Serious People by BeatrizMartinVidal    Promenade of Curious Things by jasinski    my party .. by artisalma

  fed by incolorwetrust

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09-13-12 05:23 PM by hummbuzz

The Muses Love Alternatives, XCII

Tue Nov 26, 2013, 10:11 PM

The Gates of Dawn by AndriyMarkiv

normalize by RichardLeach    Neptune by du-la    Souvenirs de demain by Uomo-nella-Pioggia

 the old cottage by the lake by marcusgravus    thinking about you by augenweide    From Drowning Trees Comes Peace by ParallelDeviant

   Eva NO 2 by karstensenfotografi    The Fisherman by RezzanATAKOL    . . . . . . .. . . .. .. by Frozen-photo

.: C a p t i v e :. by oguzceng    Alina in cold time by NataliaCiobanu    Nest Head by flea-sha

Valley of 1000 Rainbows by Markus43

From This To That by eddiebadapples

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Tricycle Built for Two...a hummarcus collaboration by hummbuzz

The Muses Love Alternatives, XCI

Mon Nov 18, 2013, 5:36 AM

Negative impression by amiejo

Pomegranate 4 by DVanDyk    white kimono and cranes by RINrumiKA    ACC Docket Cover by mynameistran

   An elderly man by FairyARTos    A red tram from Gliwice by sanderus    Jean Sibelius by Pajunen

Sorrowful Songs 4 'Duet' by Artemisia52       Sophia by anotherwanderer       The Smell of Sleep by Artemisia52

 unspeakable by m-lucia    We Will Guide You Through The Mist by LarsVanDeGoor    pensive by derekjones

   Die and Live by pgizzle618    Mermaid Eggs by nigel-h    Shop Girl by rustymermaid  

Promenade rue Saint-Martin - Paris - Watercolor by nicolasjolly

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Strength in Adversity ...a hummarcus collaboration by hummbuzz

The Muses Love Alternatives, XC

Wed Nov 6, 2013, 10:20 AM

M11 Girls and Time 8 by Xantipa2-2D3DPhotoM

world in a distance 4 by Griet-pearl      Frozen by KassyDragonfly      366 by StudioUndertheMoon

romanian friend by emmalilly22      Unreasonable Smile by KassyDragonfly      Jen Ting by ivangod  

nemo and friends by JeromeNihil      Albert Einstein by Twilights-Auroras      .SR. by dasTOK

 Splish by FinchFight

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Here's Lookin' at You, Kid by hummbuzz


8th moon by Dahd1988 

Each night meeting by AlMaNeGrA       Flying the Dog by flea-sha       The Juggler by Purwosanti

Nautilus by paulee1 

Barefoot in the city by altergromit       <da:thumb id="81653329"/>       love of the villager by barankamiloglu 


the dreamcatcher by byalicia 


Read yourself comfortable by STelari       Labyrinth by BeatrizMartinVidal     Aupres de mon arbre by felixgi 

Heart of Gold by byalicia 

Fox-Dog Man and Bird Spirit by SethFitts       Reverie with Ibis by joeyv7      <da:thumb id="287481925"/>

Fireflies by saperlipop

ACEO pals 55 by Harry-E-Hooper

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The Night Circus, 2

Tue Oct 22, 2013, 12:48 AM

~ ~ ~  Le Cirque des RÍves  ~ ~ ~

Goodnight Moon by catch---22

Stories . . . Tales . . .

Pain in Cycles by Ponti55

There are so many places to begin.

Winter Spell by lostknightkg      fallen head by partiallyHere      Time After Time by catch---22

There are so many elements to consider.

In a Manner of Speaking by Les-Diables

There's magic in that.
It's in the listener, and for each and every ear it will be different,

 Prisoner of Time by lostknightkg

. . . and it will affect them in ways they can never predict
From the mundane to the profound.

Entity by lostknightkg       z by lwc71        Speedpainting5 by kubicki      

You may tell a tale that takes up residence in someone's soul,
becomes their blood and self and purpose.

.arb. by dasTOK      Train Named Trouble by Markus43      .kranich. by dasTOK

That tale will move them and drive them, and who knows what they might do because of it,
because of your words.

     Step by Step by miqulski       Passages by saperlipop       her tears turned into poppies by katworks-paints

There are many kinds of magic, after all.

Ash III by MarcelaBolivar

Taking his time as though he has all of it in the world, in the universe,
from the days when tales meant more than they do now,
but perhaps less than they will someday, he draws a breath
that releases the tangled knot of words in his heart,
and they fall from his lips effortlessly.

"The circus arrives without warning."

Black Polished Chrome by esintu


Excerpts from the novel:
The Night Circus
by Erin Morgenstern

Thank you.